IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Transport

Entertain and inform your customers on the move with live TV, on-demand video, advertising and travel info

When travellers are on the move they look to TV screens and digital signage to provide timely and correct schedules, live global news, updates that may impact their travel plans, as well as entertainment to ease the journey. Master Digital Media’s cost-efficient solutions are found at the heart of transport hubs around the world, and are used to distribute travel information, announcements, advertising and entertainment quickly and easily throughout your facility over your IP network.

IP video and digital signage solutions for transport

TV and video channels can be delivered wherever there’s a network connection; to airport lounge flight information displays, PCs, standard TVs, digital signage, or any other video display device. Channels, displays and users can be added virtually without limit, and Master Digital Media open standard development facilitates full interoperability with Transport Information Systems.

Master Digital Media solutions in Transport

  • Deliver flight information as channels on the network
  • Eliminate requirement for separate PCs to drive displays, greatly reducing operational costs due to lower power and cooling demands
  • Provide live TV to waiting areas in terminals and transport hubs
  • Keep passengers entertained and informed, enhance the transit experience and increase satisfaction
  • Advertise concessions and local attractions to generate additional revenue


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