IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Stadiums & Venues

Engage. Inspire. Entertain.

Harness the power of video and digital signage to deliver a unique, immersive fan experience

When you have a captive audience, you need to ensure fans and guests don’t miss a second of the action. Keep them coming back for more by delivering exciting and engaging real-time video, updates and scores in and around venues, stadiums and sporting arenas.

IP video for stadiums and venues
IP video for stadiums and venues

Create an immersive fan experience

Master Digital Media enterprise IP video solutions enable venues and teams to communicate a dynamic mix of information, announcements, advertising, scores, live footage and action replay on any number of screens around the venue to exceed the entertainment expectations of fans and visitors and create lasting memories of a great day out.

Master Digital Media solutions in Stadiums and Venues

  • Deliver high-quality, live-action TV plus news and sports programming throughout your venue to any screen or mobile device and keep visitors engaged and excited. Easily add displays to your system, wherever there is a network connection.
  • Combine digital signage with IP video to display visitor information, sponsor’s adverts and announcements, as well as RSS feeds.
  • Easily create a personalized TV and video experience for guests in hospitality suites.
  • Minimize glass-to-glass latency when streaming live events.
  • Automatically record event coverage for later analysis to help teams assess and improve performance in future games.
  • Easily integrate with other stadium technology including, signage, ticketing and VIP services.
  • Integration with external broadcast equipment enables on-site broadcasters to monitor their channel output.

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Houses of Worship

Increase the reach and appeal of worship services by delivering a dynamic mix of video content around the church campus, including live sermons, TV and radio channels, church information and events, with Master Digital Media IP video solutions.

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