IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Oil & Gas

Help crews stay connected to the outside world with 24/7 news, entertainment and video-based training

From offshore oil and gas supply vessels, crew accommodation and drilling platforms to remote location mining sites, space and structural integrity are at a premium. Master Digital Media deliver high-quality TV and video throughout a remote facility over existing IP networks, keeping crews connected to the outside world with news and entertainment, internal communications and video-based training.

Master Digital Media systems are future-proofed and built-to-last. Ideally suited to both onshore and offshore use, our solutions are scalable, simple to set up and use, and provide the ability to target content down to group or individual user level.

IP video solutions for oil and gas

Master Digital Media solutions in Oil and Gas

  • Entertain crews with video-on-demand and foreign language TV in personnel accommodation
  • Create an archive of training and safety videos for on-demand viewing
  • Provide announcements and emergency alerts via digital signage
  • Stream footage of offshore activities to onshore HQ


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