IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare

Make patient care more comfortable with live TV and on-demand video, delivered direct to the bedside

Master Digital Media systems enable healthcare providers to communicate, inform and entertain through the streaming of an unlimited number of high definition channels direct to patient bedsides over an existing IP network. Our solutions enable the creation of bespoke services, to give patients interactive access to facility information, telephony, internet access and hospital radio, or to provide staff with the ability to access training and development from a central source.

IP video solutions for healthcare

Master Digital Media solutions in Healthcare

  • Deliver live TV and on-demand viewing to patient rooms and common areas
  • Supply patient and visitor information and announcements in public areas with digital signage
  • Give patients the ability to order additional services, such as personalised menus or therapeutic massage, directly from their in-room TV
  • Record and archive medical procedures for training and reference
  • Time-shift news and TV of interest to overseas patients for them to access at their convenience