IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Government & Military

Stay on top of global affairs with 24/7 news, live events and video-on-demand in any location

When government agencies need around the clock access to global television newsfeeds and live event coverage, Master Digital Media solutions deliver. Using existing networks, Master Digital Media solutions are fully flexible and scalable while accommodating variable security scenarios. For military postings, keep the troops entertained in overseas bases with constant updates of world affairs, video-on-demand, central command briefings and regular contact with home.

IP video solutions for government and military

Master Digital Media in the Government and Military

  • Keep track of global affairs 24/7 with streaming newsfeeds and event coverage
  • Create an archive of training and safety videos for on-demand viewing
  • Securely deliver internal video communications
  • Stream footage of overseas activities to central command
  • Provide announcements and emergency alerts with digital signage
  • Entertain the troops with video-on-demand and foreign language TV in personnel accommodation


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