IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Corporate and Finance

Inform, educate and motivate your organization with integrated video and signage

Corporate and Financial institutions around the world rely on Master Digital Media systems to communicate with, train and motivate their organizations. Our solutions are used to securely distribute live and archived news, on-demand content and training materials, or to relay company-wide briefings and events to public screens and desktops over a corporate network.

Headquarters stay connected with satellite offices by screening live, international televised events in any location, track breaking news on trading floor screens and stream global events or training straight to monitors, PCs and compatible mobile devices in any location.

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Master Digital Media solutions in Corporate and Finance

  • Deliver live and on-demand video to corporate desktops and public screens
  • Preserve Internet bandwidth by delivering live TV and video directly onto your network
  • Stream live news and business information feeds to aid decision-making
  • Keep staff informed and provide entertainment in common areas
  • Archive training materials and corporate updates for on-demand playback
  • Continuously record important TV channels output monitoring on-demand
  • Create branded corporate information channels using live footage or recorded content
  • Deliver information to visitors via a digital signage platform
  • Control access to TV and video content by user, group or location

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